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Why Zutak?

In 2018 digital disruption will continue to shake up the once print-centric world of advertising and media. Companies are looking to mobile as a means to get their brand and content into the pockets of millions of users but lack a plan to deliver content across all platforms.

Enter Zutak with its intuitive, secure Content Management & Publishing Platform, CMP, dedicated application developers and backing of a company built around supporting customers.

Zutak delivers continuity every time across iOS, Android, Windows and Mac, leaving you to focus your attention on taking your content to the next level. Using the Zutak CMS, you can create and publish rich interactive HTML content or PDFs across web, mobile and desktop.



The intuitive administration portal allows you to manage your content, coupons & vouchers, subscribers, and App analytics at any time through a single powerful, yet simple interface

At its core, Zutak features a powerful analytics engine, tracking all user engagement from the very moment they open your App. Holistically review content trends, see where in the world your content is being downloaded, and view what devices your users own are just some of the detailed reports and charts available on your custom analytics dashboard.

  • James Edge, Marketing Manager, CompNow

    Using Zutak with entitlement to secure content, allows us to deliver all our catalogues, marketing collateral and internal compliance documentation in a single App.

  • Peter Harris, Chief Business Development Officer, UTS Insearch

    The solution from Zutak was to advance how our English program materials could be used by thousands of students around the world. As promised, on time and within budget, they delivered sector-leading, mobile Apps.

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